About Us

Palestine Investment Bank was established by a group of elite Arab and Palestinian bankers known for their banking superior experience gained from their global banking exposure. PIB was granted a banking license on August 10th, 1994. In accordance with the Companies Law of 1929, PIB was registered as a public shareholding company with 20 million U.S. Dollars as paid up capital. 

Since the beginning of its operations in March 1995, PIB has grown exponentially over the years with its commercial banking activities leading the way. Maintaining a large footprint with multiple branches and offices spanning over 9 different cities in Palestine and notably a fully-fledged foreign branch in Bahrain. PIB's clients consist of an eclectic mix of retail, corporate, and financial institutions which have helped PIB maintain a diversified service offering of a wide array of core banking activities as well as investment and commercial products, and services.

Our mission is to use our resources, expertise, and platform to fulfil our social and economic obligations by an efficient and effective delivery method in a manner that most contributes to society, the growth and development of the economy, and to provide our clients the most value possible.